Sunday, June 6, 2010

What Is Up?


I don't know what the deal is with me? I've become anti-social with my blog. I've been going through some rough times. I'm a little nervous to post certain topics on my blogs without opening a can of worms. At the mood I'm in at times or what I feel, it always seems I'm starting an argument and I MUST get the last word. *sigh* It's all my nerves since the baby will be here in three months inshallah.

I've been great with pregnancy. No more morning sickness. When I came to Texas, it all stopped. The sickness all stopped at five months. I went back to NY and I didn't throw up at all. So I just had that really bad morning sickness and the air in NY was killing me. I'm in Texas again. I came back for my Doctor's appointment. I was trying my best to be seen in NY but the lady who was doing my insurance, NEVER turned in my paperwork. Am I mad? YES! Any sisters in NY? Avoid a woman named "Rasheeda" in Brooklyn who works for Health Plus. I don't care if she finds out I said this. I have my reasons. I called Health Plus to see what the deal was. The operator checked with my SS and name to find me in the system. There was NOTHING on me.

I kept getting the run around and it really pissed me off. Had I been an "immigrant", I would have everything. I'm not knocking anyone. I deserve help too. Just because I'm a U.S. citizen, doesn't mean I need to be put in the back of the line while the immigrants walk all over me. Do you all want to get cut?

So there, I'm great. Have a nice morning, afternoon, evening, or night.