Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update :)


I'm always slacking off and not updating my blog. Well I left Texas and I'm back in NY for good. I brought my little brother and cousin with me for a visit. I'm 31 weeks pregnant with a girl masha'allah. My hubby and me went to get a 3D ultrasound and we saw our daughter. She's adorable masha'allah. Not much has been going on. I'm just preparing for the baby and my mother in law is coming to visit. I'm not really looking forward to that. I have to put on my good face and attitude. It's not all that great. I just want her visit to go by fast. I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm just not in the mood. Inshallah I will update more within the week.

Our daughter, Riyam masha'allah.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What Is Up?


I don't know what the deal is with me? I've become anti-social with my blog. I've been going through some rough times. I'm a little nervous to post certain topics on my blogs without opening a can of worms. At the mood I'm in at times or what I feel, it always seems I'm starting an argument and I MUST get the last word. *sigh* It's all my nerves since the baby will be here in three months inshallah.

I've been great with pregnancy. No more morning sickness. When I came to Texas, it all stopped. The sickness all stopped at five months. I went back to NY and I didn't throw up at all. So I just had that really bad morning sickness and the air in NY was killing me. I'm in Texas again. I came back for my Doctor's appointment. I was trying my best to be seen in NY but the lady who was doing my insurance, NEVER turned in my paperwork. Am I mad? YES! Any sisters in NY? Avoid a woman named "Rasheeda" in Brooklyn who works for Health Plus. I don't care if she finds out I said this. I have my reasons. I called Health Plus to see what the deal was. The operator checked with my SS and name to find me in the system. There was NOTHING on me.

I kept getting the run around and it really pissed me off. Had I been an "immigrant", I would have everything. I'm not knocking anyone. I deserve help too. Just because I'm a U.S. citizen, doesn't mean I need to be put in the back of the line while the immigrants walk all over me. Do you all want to get cut?

So there, I'm great. Have a nice morning, afternoon, evening, or night.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Controversial Topics


I have a lot of issues on my mind that I want to throw out in the open. I have a right to speak my mind and I may offend people. Although it's not my intention, I've just observed a lot in my years that I've come up with an idea to try and bring the issues that bother me in to a positive view. I have three issues that are bothering. First issue, Women and Men of Yemen and how each is treated, growing up, marriage, family life, and just life in general. My husband and me always talk about this and I love his views. My husband is Yemeni so he knows what the deal is. Second issue, Convert Muslim and Born Muslims. Third issue, living with Non-Muslims and how they view Muslims. I know many converts face this but I for example have a bigger problem in my family. I will try my best to post each topic within the weekend but it's going to take me a while. I have to choose my words wisely because I'm the type of woman who doesn't sugar ANYTHING.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Sorry for M.I.A


It's been one heck of a ride for me these past few months. As of now I'm in Texas. I had to leave to New York because it was really messing with me and my pregnancy. I'm going to make a list of what has happen to me while I was in New York.

  1. I was in the hospital more than once.
  2. Insurance advisor acting up.
  3. UTI that wasn't going away.
  4. Passing kidney crumb size kidney stones.
  5. Throwing up everything I ate or drank.
  6. Couldn't sleep at night.
  7. When walking outside, I was like gasping for air. The air is filthy in NY.
  8. I couldn't eat anything.
  9. I lost about 20lbs.
  10. Nausea 24/7

All of the above that was happening to me, I had to leave. On Monday the 19th, I woke up crying telling my husband I want to leave to Texas. He got sad but he set his emotions aside and worried about our baby's health and mine. We got the ticket and I headed to Texas. I was still sick on the plane and when I got to Texas. The next morning, I felt 100% better.

  1. I am able to eat.
  2. I can go to the bathroom normal.
  3. I can drink all the water I want without throwing up.
  4. I can breathe in the air without throwing up.
  5. I feel so much better.
  6. I miss my husband so much.

Alhamdulillaah I feel so much better being in Texas. When I get my Medicaid and see the OBGYN, I will ask what is best for me. As in going back to NY or staying in Texas. If I tell the Doctor all that I felt in NY, I'm sure he/she will suggest I stay in Texas.

So that is my update and I will come more often on my blog inshallah. Also fix my blog up to look pretty :) Ma'salaama.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update update


I'm on an iPhone so please forgive me. My laptop has died. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and feel so much better. Not throwing up as much and I can eat again alhamdulillaah. I'll try and update more on my blog but this iPhone is evil and it's kinda hard to be on my blog. Well so now you know how I am.


Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm here and there.


I've been very tired. I only hang out at my sister forum, Facebook, and you tube. I'm doing okay alhamdulillaah. I've found a few things that trigger me to vomit. One being the cold air here in NY. I'll be walking and then BAM. I stop to vomit. Also the smell here in the city. My goodness we need some air fresheners. So going out is not all the time. My poor hubby he just stands next to me telling me it's going to be okay. All in all, life is great alhamdulillaah.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All I can eat :(


I can eat crackers, drink water, and eat Sour power straws. That's it :( Inshallah this nausea ends soon. I don't like this feeling.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I do get morning sickness. There a catch to it ;)


I do get morning sickness only if I make myself throw up. I know that isn't right but after I do throw up, I feel so much better alhamdulillaah. This morning was OMG ewwww. I threw up in the sink in the restroom exorcist style LOL!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It will never end.


The tiredness and sickness will never end :(. Alhamdulillaah for everything but oh goodness it feels awful. *sigh* Inshallah it will end. Please end sooner!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I think the Nausea has ended.


Is it possible the for the nausea to just stop out of the blue? I think it has for me. Well certain food still make me gag. Ginger ale is out of the question. I drank it the other day hot, ewww not good. So now I can't stand it. I'm gagging just thinking about it. Yuck! I'm feeling a little better. Let's hope it stays that way inshallah.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little update.


I've been very tired. So tired that all I do is sleep. I went to the ER two nights ago because of a little scare I had. The baby is fine alhamdulillaah. I got to see my little monster masha'allah. It's a little pea in a pod :) So blogging for me is like eww for a little bit. When I have my days that I feel better, I will blog. If not, I will try inshallah.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nauseated, tired, weak, and sore.


Not really in the mood to blog. I'm just not feeling well today. Pregnancy hormones at their best masha'allah.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trust Issues? Backstabbing?


I believe I can trust my online friends more than my real life friends. I'm sure if my online friends became real life friends, I still could trust them. Real life friends? I don't know. Wait, let me fix that. I think my IRLF can be trusted but maybe a select few. I just had a bad experience last night causing my husband to get upset. I don't know if it was my fault 100% but it was some bad judgment. I will never seek advice again from a friend. I said something and everything I said got twisted around. My husband thinks there's some jealously going on and he is scared for our unborn child. Allah subhana wa tala will protect our unborn child from the evil eye inshallah ameen. *sigh* I have a soft hard but take advantage of me and my heart will turn rock hard with that person. Drama? I don't need it. I will just have to becareful who I be nice with and befriend. I hate going through this but it happen.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Islam on Backbiting, Bitching and Gossip (Gheebah/Ghibah) Wow, at the title.


So I did a search on Gossip through an Islamic point of view. We are all guilt of it in some time during our lives. May Allah subhana wa tala forgive us. Most of the time it isn't our intentions to gossip but sometimes it comes out all wrong. So this website broke it down and the title made me laugh but check it out.

I would also love to give props to two sisters and how one of them broke it down in a nice way defending another sister who happen to be the victim of slander. May Allah subhana wa tala reward her. The sister who was slandered against may Allah subhana wa tala reward her for acting mature and handling the situation with CLASS. They know who they are :)
When it comes to me, I get pretty heated and end up attacking the attacker until they feel bad. I know that isn't right. Allah's blessing on my personality masha'allah but I need to relax a bit inshallah. I just don't like FAKES bas it's all good. So check out the site and let me know your inputs.

We Did IT!!!!

OH MY! We actually got the laundry done. It's not neat like the picture bas my husband and me cleaned all the clothes today alhamdulillaah. Now it's about me folding them ha ha.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Dirty Laundry

Oh man do I hate doing laundry. I do in fact love clean clothes. I asked my husband to help me and tag along. Yesterday morning, I tried to wake him up, he didn't wake up. I asked him, "do you love wearing dirty socks and boxers?" He said, "No". How come some men like to be dirty little boys? Today if we don't do the laundry, I will hurt my husband very badly. Thank God I still have some clean underwear, socks, and some clothes to last me about a week. Let's hope my husband wakes up in the morning. Some of you are wondering why don't I go alone and do it? I would but ever since I got pregnant, my husband is very over protective. Call it cute or dumb. I don't care. If you ask me, it's rather annoying. Plus my husband won't let me carry the basket, it's kinda heavy but not heavy enough for me to hurt myself. If my husband wants to wait on me, more power to him. I always return the favor:) So let's hope he wakes up in the morning to do laundry.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Goooness!

Last night, well this morning around 2a.m.. My husband and me got pulled over by the cops. I don't know why? They stopped behind me right after I took a left on the stop light. It was green so I went. When the cop came to us, I asked what I did wrong? He asked for my license. I asked him again what I did wrong? I gave him my license. He went to his "van" and came back. In NY, the NYPD have cars, trucks, SUV's, or van's. He said, "Your name means Queen?" I said, "No, Amira means Princess." Then I told him in a Chris Tucker tone from Rush Hour 2 when he told the Chinese Officer's to get off of him, "Give me back my ID" ha ha. Then they left. My husband and me were like "what the heck?" I was scared for my husband. We have nothing to hide but we were still like "huh?" With my mouth, I said, "damn ass hole." Alhamdulillaah nothing happen.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Miss Her.

Picture of us in "88"

On April 8th, 2009, I lost the second most important woman in my life, my dear mother. Last year in November, my dear Aunt died. Oh how I loved her so much. My Aunt raised all my Aunts, my mother and me. Then a five months later, my mother dies.

How do I feel since my mother passed away? I feel alone, scared, helpless, and sad. I haven't even mourned the proper way for my mother. Everytime I dream about her, I wake up crying. My husband, may Allah reward him, comforts me the best way he can. I'm sure he even cries with me. I wouldn't know because I'm too busy crying myself.

I'm still in denial about her death. In my heart, I still feel she's alive. I just don't know where she is? I catch myself wanting to call her. I talk about my mother to my husband as if she was still alive. When I talk about her, I remember the good times we had. I don't focus on the bad times. My mother was a bit rude with me but I forgave her. My mother talked ugly to us, but I got over it. The main thing is, I loved my mother, man did I love her so much.
Being pregnant is a blessing. I'm happy, but I get sad too. I get sad because my mother isn't here. Okay my baby will have their great grandmother, but that isn't good enough for me. My mother is what I want. If I could ask for two things in this world, it would be to have my Aunt and my mother back.

People tell me to what, "get over it" about my mother's death. I know death is a part of life. When you start talking out of your ass by telling people to "get over it", you really need to hush. When someone tells me that, I look at them and say, "Whenever the time comes and you lose a parent, I'll be the first one to say, "get over it" if not worse." Then I get the, "Oh I'm sorry" pfft! whatever. I will not "get over it". I will take all the time in the world to mourn for my mother. You only get one parent. You can't make a parent, have a parent, adopt a parent, or even go find one.

My dear mother. I love you so much. My dreams of you will never die for those are the times I get to see you, hug, hold you, and even smell your perfume. I cherish those dreams deeply.

Love Your Mija Always,

Main problem in Yemen.

So my husband's from Yemen. We both talked about the main problem in Yemen. It's Khat. If there was no Khat, Yemen wouldn't be where it is today. It's sad but what can we do?

The man in the picture thinks he looks smooth. Instead of buying this crap, he could be using the money to put food on the table for his family. The sick part is, the children pick up the habit too.

Yemen is one the poorest Arab countries in all the Middle East. I thought Iraq was but I guess I was wrong. Read more about Khat, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khat. Seriously, the chemicals found in khat are what's found in Cocaine and Heroine. It's like a speedball all in one.


Yes, I am pregnant.

On 01-09-2010, I took a pregnancy test and found out that I am pregnant alhamdulillaah ”Thank God.” I was so happy but at the moment, I cried so hard. What made me cry is that my mother isn’t here. My mother passed away on 04-08-2009. It’s been very hard on me these past few months. My mother would have been the first person to know. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to call her and tell her the good news. When that happens, I usually break down and cry. I know she would be so proud of me. Proud that I’m married, happy, and having a baby. So I’m about four weeks. At the same time, I’m happy and scared. I’m sure I’ll be more calm in the coming months. Oh I how I wish my mother was here. I love her so much. I called my Uncle first. I would’ve called my husband, but I got scared. When I told my husband, he was so happy. I told a few friends. After I took the digital test the next day, it came out positive. My husband said I can tell everyone. My in-laws are so happy. All my friends are too. I can’t wait until I feel my baby move inside of me, later find out the sex of the baby, and then delivering my baby. Until then, I will enjoy being pregnant.


New York.

I seriously love living here in New York. It’s the best place ever. Although, I can point out a few issues that I have living in The Empire State, good Vs bad. Forgot to add, I live in the Bronx. I'm in the metro area and it all looks the same. Here were go.

The Bad Parts.

  1. Rats everywhere.

  2. Trash everywhere.

  3. Roaches everywhere.

  4. Some people can’t drive right. Let me explain. People drive as they are in a rush. A lot of times due to their stupidity, they crash. A lot of people don’t know that a STOP sign means STOP. Honking sometimes gets you into trouble like a $350 fine. Ah,honking, when at the stop light, you want to make a left turn you have to yield unless you have the right away with the green arrow. People in their cars will start honking like crazy. I had that happen when I had to yield. I got so mad because if I would have listen to the one behind me, I would’ve got hit by a bus! Parking, ha dare to dream. I hate that sometimes I have to park in another neighborhood. What gets me mad, some people can’t park for crap. People park at the apartment complex, if not private, and they don’t live there! Ugh, it’s so annoying. Also they have on certain days of the week, depending what street your on, clean up. Which they do a crappy job. If you don’t move your car on time, it’s a $45.00 fine.

  5. People pop out of nowhere in the streets. Thank God none of them got hit “yet”. They do get a piece of my mind when they jump out like they do. Let me add another thing, at the stop light, there is the stop hand and the walking icon. The stop hand means DO NOT WALK! and the walking icon means WALK! I’ve almost ran over someone because they start walking on the stop hand sign. The messed up part, you can’t honk at them. Either way, you have to yield for them. When I yield for the people, a car behind me honked at me, I turned around and yelled at them. I’m sure they couldn’t hear me but I said, “Shut up! you want me to run over them?!?” Stupid people I swear.

  6. The highways aren’t even highways in my opinion. It’s usually three lanes. Either 40 to 50mph. In Texas, we have about four lanes and it’s 60 to 70mph.

  7. The roads are out of this world. Pot holes everywhere. Instead of building the new Yankee stadium * no offense to ya’ll Yankee fans* but come on, some funding needs to go for the roads.

8. Last but not least, the rent is unbelievable. Also there is no dryer or washer hook up in your apartment. That’s gotta suck.

The Good Parts.
  1. Everything around you is convenient. You have from CVS, Walgreens, deli, markets, you name it. All walking distant.

  2. Public transportation. The bus and subway. Taxi’s too.

  3. If you love gas stoves, they are in all apartments

  4. Different cultures here in NYC. So that means different stores with a variety of foods and products

    I believe that’s all the good parts I love about NYC. I have more bad than good but I’ll get use to living in NYC. So far the people are really nice but there’s good and bad people everywhere.