Monday, June 13, 2011

My cousin's in a coma.

Salaam'alaikum and Hello to everyone,

Last night I decided to go to the hospital and see my older cousin in the ICU. Before I went to the hospital, I cried to my little brother. I know what all my cousins are going through. Even though my cousin isn't dead. I know the feeling. My mother died two years ago. It still hurts. My cousin has been in the hospital since Thursday. She had gotten an operation on her foot and then her heart stopped while she was waiting to be seen by a Nurse. They don't know how long she was down for. The Doctor's got her heart back up, but they believe there has been damage to her brain. Today is the big day where the Doctor's will see if there is any brain activity. Then my cousin who is the eldest daughter will be giving the decision if they should continue to have her mother on life support or not. I hope there is some improvement.

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