Monday, January 18, 2010

Dirty Laundry

Oh man do I hate doing laundry. I do in fact love clean clothes. I asked my husband to help me and tag along. Yesterday morning, I tried to wake him up, he didn't wake up. I asked him, "do you love wearing dirty socks and boxers?" He said, "No". How come some men like to be dirty little boys? Today if we don't do the laundry, I will hurt my husband very badly. Thank God I still have some clean underwear, socks, and some clothes to last me about a week. Let's hope my husband wakes up in the morning. Some of you are wondering why don't I go alone and do it? I would but ever since I got pregnant, my husband is very over protective. Call it cute or dumb. I don't care. If you ask me, it's rather annoying. Plus my husband won't let me carry the basket, it's kinda heavy but not heavy enough for me to hurt myself. If my husband wants to wait on me, more power to him. I always return the favor:) So let's hope he wakes up in the morning to do laundry.



  1. salaam Alaikum Smiley,

    How far along are you? Im 11 weeks! Im jealous, I wish there were laundry mats where I live. In Spain everyone drys their clothes on clothes lines or in the winter over the heater. Needless to say one batch of laundry takes anywhere from 1 to 2 days to dry (sigh)

  2. Walaikum asalaam,

    I'm only 5weeks masha'allah. Oh girl, they got you doing old school.


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