Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Islam on Backbiting, Bitching and Gossip (Gheebah/Ghibah) Wow, at the title.


So I did a search on Gossip through an Islamic point of view. We are all guilt of it in some time during our lives. May Allah subhana wa tala forgive us. Most of the time it isn't our intentions to gossip but sometimes it comes out all wrong. So this website broke it down and the title made me laugh but check it out.

I would also love to give props to two sisters and how one of them broke it down in a nice way defending another sister who happen to be the victim of slander. May Allah subhana wa tala reward her. The sister who was slandered against may Allah subhana wa tala reward her for acting mature and handling the situation with CLASS. They know who they are :)
When it comes to me, I get pretty heated and end up attacking the attacker until they feel bad. I know that isn't right. Allah's blessing on my personality masha'allah but I need to relax a bit inshallah. I just don't like FAKES bas it's all good. So check out the site and let me know your inputs.

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