Friday, January 15, 2010

New York.

I seriously love living here in New York. It’s the best place ever. Although, I can point out a few issues that I have living in The Empire State, good Vs bad. Forgot to add, I live in the Bronx. I'm in the metro area and it all looks the same. Here were go.

The Bad Parts.

  1. Rats everywhere.

  2. Trash everywhere.

  3. Roaches everywhere.

  4. Some people can’t drive right. Let me explain. People drive as they are in a rush. A lot of times due to their stupidity, they crash. A lot of people don’t know that a STOP sign means STOP. Honking sometimes gets you into trouble like a $350 fine. Ah,honking, when at the stop light, you want to make a left turn you have to yield unless you have the right away with the green arrow. People in their cars will start honking like crazy. I had that happen when I had to yield. I got so mad because if I would have listen to the one behind me, I would’ve got hit by a bus! Parking, ha dare to dream. I hate that sometimes I have to park in another neighborhood. What gets me mad, some people can’t park for crap. People park at the apartment complex, if not private, and they don’t live there! Ugh, it’s so annoying. Also they have on certain days of the week, depending what street your on, clean up. Which they do a crappy job. If you don’t move your car on time, it’s a $45.00 fine.

  5. People pop out of nowhere in the streets. Thank God none of them got hit “yet”. They do get a piece of my mind when they jump out like they do. Let me add another thing, at the stop light, there is the stop hand and the walking icon. The stop hand means DO NOT WALK! and the walking icon means WALK! I’ve almost ran over someone because they start walking on the stop hand sign. The messed up part, you can’t honk at them. Either way, you have to yield for them. When I yield for the people, a car behind me honked at me, I turned around and yelled at them. I’m sure they couldn’t hear me but I said, “Shut up! you want me to run over them?!?” Stupid people I swear.

  6. The highways aren’t even highways in my opinion. It’s usually three lanes. Either 40 to 50mph. In Texas, we have about four lanes and it’s 60 to 70mph.

  7. The roads are out of this world. Pot holes everywhere. Instead of building the new Yankee stadium * no offense to ya’ll Yankee fans* but come on, some funding needs to go for the roads.

8. Last but not least, the rent is unbelievable. Also there is no dryer or washer hook up in your apartment. That’s gotta suck.

The Good Parts.
  1. Everything around you is convenient. You have from CVS, Walgreens, deli, markets, you name it. All walking distant.

  2. Public transportation. The bus and subway. Taxi’s too.

  3. If you love gas stoves, they are in all apartments

  4. Different cultures here in NYC. So that means different stores with a variety of foods and products

    I believe that’s all the good parts I love about NYC. I have more bad than good but I’ll get use to living in NYC. So far the people are really nice but there’s good and bad people everywhere.


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