Friday, January 29, 2010

I think the Nausea has ended.


Is it possible the for the nausea to just stop out of the blue? I think it has for me. Well certain food still make me gag. Ginger ale is out of the question. I drank it the other day hot, ewww not good. So now I can't stand it. I'm gagging just thinking about it. Yuck! I'm feeling a little better. Let's hope it stays that way inshallah.



  1. Wa alaikum salaam! :)
    Oooohhh... you realize all of this sounds soooo wow to one who loveess babies and wants to have lots after marriage!? ME!! lol

    I've a zero expertise with the topic, but how bout lemon juice??

  2. Don't get too excited yet! It might come back! You will definitely find that some days are a lot better than others. May Allah bless you with a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby!

  3. Umm Riyam is right I recommend you drink lemonade, orange just take air set autside for some time, I used to eat alot of fruts it helped me.

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