Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little update.


I've been very tired. So tired that all I do is sleep. I went to the ER two nights ago because of a little scare I had. The baby is fine alhamdulillaah. I got to see my little monster masha'allah. It's a little pea in a pod :) So blogging for me is like eww for a little bit. When I have my days that I feel better, I will blog. If not, I will try inshallah.



  1. Salaams sis!
    May Allah SWT keep you and your lil bundle of joy safe, healthy and happy! Do take care of urself!
    Umm...i cant see the baby well here :( LOL im rly bad at this stuff!

    I just saw, u took ur first hit of the air on Feb 25th!! OMG! SO DID I!!
    hehehe :D

  2. Walaiakum asalaam,

    Yeah, that baby is tiny. It's like a pea. LOl it was my brother's idea that I sound "cool" the way I announce my birth date haha.


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