Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Goooness!

Last night, well this morning around 2a.m.. My husband and me got pulled over by the cops. I don't know why? They stopped behind me right after I took a left on the stop light. It was green so I went. When the cop came to us, I asked what I did wrong? He asked for my license. I asked him again what I did wrong? I gave him my license. He went to his "van" and came back. In NY, the NYPD have cars, trucks, SUV's, or van's. He said, "Your name means Queen?" I said, "No, Amira means Princess." Then I told him in a Chris Tucker tone from Rush Hour 2 when he told the Chinese Officer's to get off of him, "Give me back my ID" ha ha. Then they left. My husband and me were like "what the heck?" I was scared for my husband. We have nothing to hide but we were still like "huh?" With my mouth, I said, "damn ass hole." Alhamdulillaah nothing happen.


  1. Hehehehe i love your attitude :-D

  2. Girl, I was upset and pregnancy hormones are no help hehe.


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