Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trust Issues? Backstabbing?


I believe I can trust my online friends more than my real life friends. I'm sure if my online friends became real life friends, I still could trust them. Real life friends? I don't know. Wait, let me fix that. I think my IRLF can be trusted but maybe a select few. I just had a bad experience last night causing my husband to get upset. I don't know if it was my fault 100% but it was some bad judgment. I will never seek advice again from a friend. I said something and everything I said got twisted around. My husband thinks there's some jealously going on and he is scared for our unborn child. Allah subhana wa tala will protect our unborn child from the evil eye inshallah ameen. *sigh* I have a soft hard but take advantage of me and my heart will turn rock hard with that person. Drama? I don't need it. I will just have to becareful who I be nice with and befriend. I hate going through this but it happen.


  1. I used to be a very trusting person and unfortunately learned the hard way that not everyone has good intentions. Its sad when you have to be cautious of who you can and cant trust. Im very selective with my friends and it takes me awhile ebfore i trust them. I think with online friends it can be easier to trust them but at the same time, we arent around them when they arent online to know what they say and do. As for the evil eye, continue to seek Allahs protection and take the proper steps to guard yourself and the baby (reciting ayats Naas, falaq, iklas, and aytal-kursi. InshaAllah all will be well!


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